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akgal's Journal

The Ash Ketchum Get-A-Life Foundation
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Welcome to the Ash Ketchum Get A Life Foundation. This is the community where you show how much you LOVE Ash Ketchum by donating a badge out of sheer pity, portraying the type of pitiful young-un he really is! You simply upload it somewhere and post it here for all to seeee!

Two years ago AKGAL has recieved over 50 badges from contributors just like you. Badges ranging from your general "Pity Badge" to the "Yes-I-Do-Love-Misty" badge to some.. Rocket-Stalking badge or something. Heh. it goes on.

Anyway, rules as follows. Be nice. this isnt a flame-on-pokemon community, it's just a sadistically derranged one where everyone has fun with Ash Ketchum. And also: no Hentai. there you go. ^^